Nextr is an iPhone app that guides you through all public transportation systems in Germany. 

Nextr 1.0 has been available in the AppStore for 3 years now and an update is long overdue. Unfortunately due to technical and budgetary issues nextr 2.0 will never make it into the store. Anyway we’d still like to show you what it could have been…

Read our Blog post about "The end of Nextr and what we’ve learned from being our own client." on Medium!


Search for every stop, station, address, contact or POI with the help of our autosuggest feature powered by Google Maps you’ll find everything in a heartbeat.

Timeline Modus

The Timeline button overlays each connection with a simple graphic, visualizing each stop or transfer spot on a timeline. 

Detailed View

You can dive into each connection to see a detailed list of all stops and transfer spots together with a visualization on the map.

All Transportation Systems

No matter if Bus, Subway, Trains,
nextr knows them all!

Quicklink to your 
favorite Destinations

The pull down menu available from the homescreen allows you to search immediately for the fastest way home, to work or to your favorite spots.

Additional Screens