About Bureau Oberhaeuser

Bureau Oberhaeuser is a design studio focused on Information and Interface Design. The Bureau was founded in 2011 in Hamburg by award-winning designer Martin Oberhäuser. Formerly known as oberhaeuser.info, the company evolved into a GmbH (LLC) in 2013 and was renamed Bureau Oberhaeuser.

Our work has always been inspired by our passion for complex data visualization and information design, and it’s still the backbone of our company. We use the principles of those areas and combine them with our UX and UI expertise to create new digital experiences. Based on this philosophy, we believe that almost every digital and analog challenge can be solved with creativity and design thinking.

Information is beautiful and life without information is impossible. However, life needs a way to filter the mass of information around us and turn it into something readable and useable. This is what we do! We create well-structured information and interface designs that are easy to use and fun to look at.

We work with clients like Facebook, Whoop, Tickr, Deutsche Telekom, Airbnb, IPG Mediabrands, Steelcase, Bertelsmann, Lego and others.

Information is beautiful and life without information is impossible. But it needs someone to filter the mass of information around us and turn it into something readable and useable.

Our Services
User Experience

Before we take a look at the visual design, we make sure to understand the challenges and needs of each project individually. We read, research and interpret the data surrounding each project to find the best possible concept to structure the information. Once we understand the 'big picture', we delve deeper into the user's needs and layout the structure and flow of each design element to optimize the user experience. From there, we take the layouts and wireframes to the visual design and marry the UX Designs with a unique Interface Design.
User Interface Design

The User Interface Design is the next step following the User Experience design. Primarily our interface design is visually optimizing our wireframes and mindmaps and making them consistent in look and feel. However, this process is never a one way street. The UI is affecting the UX in the same way the UX is providing the foundation for the UI. Only through a subsequent back and forth between these two design areas do we obtain satisfying solutions.
Information Design
Information Design is a translation of data into a visualization that adds value. It points right to the issue and ideally it makes something you hadn't seen before, visible. The key to creating good Information Design is being genuinely interested in your data, and really examining what it means. Therefore, our design is strictly driven by data, readability and function.
Even if this means making a deliberate decision against a solution that would be more interesting from a design point of view. That means not being afraid of resorting to traditional ways of showing your data, even if they're not the most innovative. It's all about making information easier to capture.
Data Visualization

Data Visualization makes complex data more accessible, understandable and usable. Based on the same principles as Information design, we understand Data Visualization as the logical connection to our Interface and User Experience Designs. Well structured concepts how to visualize data build the foundation to add a layer of interactivity to bring your data to live. Those interactive data visualizations enable a playful experience and real time analysis.

Watch it in action

We work on large scale interface projects with a strong focus on complex data visualization and information architecture for exciting US Startups and international corporations.