City Statistics With our interactive infographic you can compare the statistics of the 10 largest German cities by 15 customizable categories.
Our interactive infographic is not optimized for small screens yet. Please try again on a computer.
The center (0) of the hexagon always shows the lowest point, while each corner (100) represents the highscore for this category.Example: Berlin has the most inhabitants of the compared cities which give it the highscore of 100. Hamburg roughly has half of the Population of Berlin, so it only scores around 50.
Drag and drop the topics to the corners of the hexagon.

About Stadtistik

The original „Stadtistik“ is a print project that deals with miscellaneous statistics, produced by the ten largest German cities in various areas of urban life. For each of the ten cities a newspaper with nine statistical categories is available. By adding the layer of interactivity to those static infographics we enable a whole new experience for the user. 

The intention of this work is to enable an objective comparison, without trying to evaluate. Deliberately no subjective opinion is given, so the viewer is able to evaluate and characterize the cities by himself. The graphic shown on the front page is adittionally printed on translucent paper. By changing the front page between the different issues a quick comparison between the cities is provided.