Wunder Carpool
App Redesign

Wunder has built a flexible mobility solution beyond static routes and schedules.  

Wunders mobility platform and global operational expertise enable transportation providers to accelerate the deployment of new mobility offerings.


Wunder Mobility

2018 - 2019


Wunder Carpool
in a nutshell

Save Money

Save money by sharing fuel costs while carpooling together.

Make Friends

Meet like-minded people heading in the same direction as yours by sharing empty seats in your car.

Help Nature

Help nature by reducing traffic congestion in your city. 


Carpool Flexibly

No matter if you want to offer or find rides, Wunder allows to easily create rides, pick a preferred route and switch your role on each ride. Simply set your origin, destination and start time. As a car-owner you are free to set the fare for your ride.

Find Matches Quickly

Once you created a ride, easily browse through the available matches on the map and request or offer rides to organize a carpool.

Active Ride

Once a carpool is confirmed, the app guides you through the process with its main actions. Use the sliders to start a ride or complete payment.

Easy Payment

Once you start a ride as a passenger you can pay via our integrated wallet. It's very easy to top up and to pay. You can also pay by cash.


Did you have a nice commute to work? To finish the ride just rate your driver/passenger and share your commuting experience by writing a comment.

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Wunder Mobility Summit

The Wunder Mobility Summit exclusively brings together the brightest minds in mobility, who share an inventors spirit, a builders mentality, and a desire to initiate change.