We’ve been working very closely with the Boston based startup WHOOP for multiple years to build a unique performance optimization platform for elite athletes and teams. Powered by a wrist-worn tracker that gathers a bevy of physiological data WHOOP provides athletes, their coaches, and trainers with a continuous understanding of strain and recovery to balance training, reduce injuries, and predict performance. Since day one we’ve been in charge of all UX and UI design work for the mobile app, web-app and markting website and are very proud to share this case study with you.



Since 2012


// WHOOP Bracelet

Designed by NYC based design studio aruliden the Whoop bracelet doesn't really look like a piece of tech. Mostly, it's a breathable knit fabric band, attached by aluminum clasps to a Chiclet-sized gadget that can measure an athlete's heart rate, accelerometry, skin conductivity, and temperature up to 100 times per second.

// About WHOOP Video

// WHOOP System

WHOOP is a wrist-worn tracker that gather a bevy of physiological data. It keeps tabs on heart rate and variability, skin conductivity, ambient temperature, and, of course, motion. 

It uses all that to arrive at a Recovery score that give coaches and trainers — like those of LeBron James and Michael Phelps — an instant overview of the athlete's overall condition, so they can adjust their workouts, training schedule, and even playing time or rotations accordingly. 

// App Interaction

Access your one day overview for a comprehensive view of the day’s activities or access your Strain, Recovery and Sleep pages for detailed informations.

// Webapp Interaction

Based on the same navigation structure as the mobile app the WHOOP web app includes more detailed information about your sleep data and activities you’ve been tracking.


For the first time, get actionable data from both sides of the Stress-Response equation.  You may already measure strain, but can you accurately understand how each individual athlete's recovers from strain?  With WHOOP, you can tailor workouts to the needs of each athlete in real time.

Measure Recovery

The Recovery Score is a measurement of how prepared your body is for strain or exertion.

Measure Strain

Know your athletes’ individual strain during any activity, using simple, non-invasive wearable technology.

// Measure Sleep

Get accurate, sleep lab-quality data on your athletes’ sleep quality and efficiency, and understand the correlation with recovery and performance.

// Sleep Coach

The Sleep coach calculates your sleep need for the upcoming night and recommends the time you need to go to bed to achieve your sleep performance goal.

// Record Activities

Your body’s fitness going into a workout, heart rate during that workout, and response post-workout all determine your Strain. The greater the Strain, the more Recovery you’ll need; as you improve your fitness, you may see less Strain from the same activities and it may become easier to recover.

// Workout Review

The Strain Score is a measure of how hard you worked, not what you did; as a result, different individuals will not necessarily receive identical scores for completing identical workouts. For example, a “very hard” workout for you may be a “near maximal” workout for someone else.

Reduce Injury

By customizing training plans to fit every athlete's individual needs, WHOOP can help teams reduce injuries and prevent over-training.  Athletes with lower recoveries, feedback of soreness or sickness, and poor sleep results are highlighted to staff.

// Team Dashboard

Know each individual athlete’s condition at any given time of day. The Team Dashboard allows trainers and coaches to tailor workouts to each individual athlete’s readiness to perform.

Team Reports

Evaluate team performance and analyze positive and negative trends.

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Team Reports enable coaching staff to review team performance and analyze correlations between performance statistics and physiological data.

Correlate team strain and recovery with performance results in games.