Inspired by the 17 inch touchscreen of Tesla's awesome Model S we designed an interface concept for a new generation of car infotainment systems. Our concept uses responsive widgets that can be rearranged on a flexible grid. The widgets are available in multiple sizes and can freely be combined for a customized user experience.

This is an early stage concept that was built within a few weeks as a side project. We are aware that it’s much harder to design a car interface under real life conditions. It would require much more work and real life testing to make this concept ready for market, but we believe in the general approach and will continue to refine it. 

The entire layout is based on a flexible grid that allows for a variety of different widget sizes.

Important buttons and touch-areas are big enough to allow for a precise navigation while driving.

The widgets can easily be rearrange on the screen by dragging and dropping them.

Save Screens

Multiple screen layouts can be saved and managed through a dropdown menu in the statusbar. 

Hitting the startscreen button always takes you back to the customized startscreen.

Pinch to Zoom

The widget size can be adapted either by hitting a button or using a “pinch to zoom” gesture.

Climate Control

Temperature and climate control buttons are always available at the bottom of the screen.

Car Controls

The main car settings for lights, doors, sunroof, etc. can be reached through the “Controls” button.


The XXL Navigation widget supports a split screen mode to show two maps at once.

Screen Layouts

The flexible grid allows for countless screen layouts and automatically anchors the widgets in place.

Various Themes 

Additional themes include a white version and a night mode.

3rd Party Widgets 

The preset widgets can be combined with additinal 3rd Party widgets.