In a kickoff project we developed a first Prototype for the to visualize the future of football data. This prototype will evolve into the App/Website

Read the Game abolishes boring tabulated statistics! Instead, you get to explore beautifully prepared soccer data. No matter if real-time, pre-game or post-game, immerse yourself into your team's strategies towards victory.

Institut für Spielanalyse

Since 2017


Gameday Overview

The gameday screen provides a quick overview of the results and scorers of each match.

Episodes Overview

The episode overview displays every ball control period of a team. The graphic visualizes which team is dominating in the different periods of the game.

Episodes Timeline

The user can browse through each individual ball control period. At the bottom of the screen, he can access detailed informations about the selected period.

Detailed Episode

The detailed view of an episode shows the type of ball control period, how long it lasted and which player was involved.

Goal Probability Calculator

The goal probability calculator compares 4 different metrics to calculate the highest probability to score a goal for each team. The 4 metrics are: position of interception, kind of interception, duration of the ball control period and the number of involved players in the period.


Teams can be compared by the position of interception, the kind of interception, the duration of the ball control period and the number of involved players in the period.


Player ranking & 

Not only goals and assists count. Every ball contact of each player is important for the team’s efficiency score. For instance, Robert Lewandowski was the most involved player last season. 


By analyzing the huge amount of data, Read the Game gives you a prediction for every match. The prediction is based on shots on goal and number of goals scored, type of ball control periods, the players’ health status, and the team’s efficiency.