Lufthansa recently redesigned their inflight infotainment system and we were somewhat disappointed with the outcome. So we challenged ourselves to come up with a better solution within one week of time. 

We don’t believe this concept is a final product ready for implementation. It’s mainly meant to identify existing problems and to suggest solutions or alternative approaches. So here is what we came up with.

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Self Promotion



Fits every class

Our interface is developed on a responsive grid so it works throughout all airplanes, classes and screen sizes (Economy, Premium Economy, Business etc.).


Movie Selection
Different viewing modes allow for a fun and easy way to browse through the available entertainment selection while having additional information handy whenever you need them.


Detailed View
The detailed view offers the ability to watch a trailer, see more info about the cast, find similar movies or review the ratings from other users. (this could ideally even come from a third party like imdb)


Movie UI
All relevant functionalities like Volume, Language, Subtitles, Brightness, etc. are available without the need to leave the full screen movie player.


Flight Information
Information related to your flight is always available via the drawer at the bottom of the page. The small rear wing allows to identify the flight process at every time.


Device Connection
With a separate app you can connect your mobile device to organize and personalize your inflight experience. On flights without seat-screens you can also enjoy the entertainment selection via the internal wifi FlyNet.