When the World Celebrates
Calendar 2019

Each new year starts with a celebration, a Holiday celebrated by almost every nation. As we prepared concepts for this year’s calendar, this made us wonder what other Holidays are commonly celebrated among other nations. 

In that spirit of unity, we wanted to provide a general impression of how nations and people groups around the earth celebrate. In which quarters, months and days of 2019 the most holidays take place, and which occasions are celebrated the most around the world.    


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The information and data presented in this visualization is based on statistics found using a combination of internet sources, primarily:

Holidays also fluctuate by country and may change year to year. We also chose to include as many territories and countries that we could find in our visualization, not just the 195 Countries recognized by the United Nations.

In no way do we guarantee (expressed or implied) the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information presented. Basing further speculation or data interpretations from this information is entirely at your own risk.